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5.Inokuchi Hachiman Shrine

井口八幡神社【人吉市】|日本で最も豊かな隠れ里 日本遺産人吉球磨【熊本県】

Cultural Asset Data

Name Inokuchi Hachiman Shrine
Address 949 Inokuchi-machi, Hitoyoshi-shi, Kumamoto
Mapcode 195 854 801*03
Contact 0966-22-2111  (front desk, Hitoyoshi City Board of Education)

Enshrined with the Sagara Deity of War, prayers for victory were offered up at this shrine each time the clan went to war. The current shrine building is a reconstruction built in 1699, and the garden on the shrine grounds is an excellent imitation of the garden that was in Hitoyoshi Castle.

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