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30.Shozen-in Kannondo Temple

生善院観音堂【水上村】|日本で最も豊かな隠れ里 日本遺産人吉球磨【熊本県】

Cultural Asset Data

Name Shozen-in Kannondo Temple
Address 3542 Iwano, Mizukami-mura, Kuma-gun, Kumamoto
Mapcode333 432 072*17
Contact 0966-44-0068

Legend has it that, as an act of revenge against the Sagara clan for wrongly killing her son, a grief-stricken mother brought her cat to the nearby Ichifusayama Shrine, had it lick blood from her cut finger, then took her own life. Her soul merged with the cat, and the Sagara clan soon found itself under the curse of a bakeneko cat ghost. Shozen-in Kannondo Temple was then built to appease the vengeful feline spirit.

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