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43.Okunchi Matsuri (festival)

おくんち祭り|日本で最も豊かな隠れ里 日本遺産人吉球磨【熊本県】

Cultural Asset Data

NameOkunchi Matsuri (festival)
Address118 Kamioi-cho, Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Mapcode195 765 168*47
Contact 0966-22-2274
MiscAoi-Aso Shrine

Aoi Aso Shrine was established on September 9 of the lunar calendar in the first year of the Daidou Era (806). For nine days, people celebrated this auspicious day, which could be called the birthday of Aoi Aso Shrine, with all kinds of rituals such as Shinto rituals and the dedication of Kuma Kagura. The best part of the festival is the Jinko Parade held on October 9 (lunar September 9). Among the procession, the masked lion is the one that attracts the most attention. It is said that if a lion bites you on the head, you will be safe and sound, and that it is a good omen. The sight of a child crying with his face bright red after being bitten by a lion is one of the peaceful scenes of the Okunchi Festival.

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