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32.Kuma Shochu

球磨焼酎|日本で最も豊かな隠れ里 日本遺産人吉球磨【熊本県】

Cultural Asset Data

Name Kuma Shochu
Address Hitoyoshi Kuma region ( Kumamoto )
Contact 0966-22-5059  (Kuma Shochu Makers Association)
Misc Kuma Shochu Makers Association

This type of alcohol is brewed using mainly rice, which was a precious resource during the Edo period (17th to 19th centuries). The Sagara clan took a liking to it first, and soon it came to be loved by lords and peasants alike. According to the oldest written record available, a scribbling found on the wall of a shrine, shochu has a history of over 450 years.

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